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1. Unlock Hardware

Create 3D content to submit to QA for releasing into ViRSE and partner with merchants to earn credits as an affiliate on shared revenue! We will ship you your hardware TODAY!

2. Automatic entry onto Leaderboard

All submitted content is open to votes from our community with the winning products earning additional creator credits!

How it works?

Calling all 3D Model creators.. Get started now:

Shop.ViRSE have exclusively released product ID's for our Studio Vi model creators

Studio Vi model creators, MUST claim your SKU's Today and begin creating, to advance ViRSEWARE hardware and enter a LIVE vote against thousands of other model entries from fellow vi-creators andf citizens shoppers, to unlock a bunch of cash prizes and one grand prize of $10,000!

See competition details, to get started

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To generate revenue from your content inside ViRSE you must own one of ViRSEWARE's creator and developer range today.

Capture, build and test your submissions in ViRSE 3D before submitting to QA.


Our latest innovation has arrived.

Staying within the Gold budget, the Rose Gold trades some performance for a nice feature; a 3D camera.

Start creating and experiencing 3D content with the Rose Gold and share with your neighbors in ViRSE! A great value while supplies last!

Bronze $595


For every product availble to buy inside shop ViRSE, A associated ViRSION exists.

ViRSIONS are 3D models that once through QA and launched into ViRSE, contain a unique ID that guarantee you can purchase of the associated merchants real-life product within 30 days of ownership.

ViRSIONS also provide owners with the ability to generate affilaite revenue from sales generated from a click through to shop assicated merchants ViRSE


. ViRSIONS are 5% of the cost of the real-life product
. 30 day hold on the merchants real-life product reserved for you
. Earn revenue to put towards your purchase
. Deposit paid
. Personal relationship with merchant
. Avoids abaondoment and creates wishlists
. Inspire others to do the same.